Eternity is so big that it can only fit in an instant. A Course In Miracles says; time is only a learning tool and when we’re done learning it will become unnecessary and it will disappear.

So take a deep breath, close your eyes and give your imagination the permission to consider that time has gone away and doesn’t exist anymore and everything is happening at this instant, right now and all together. Cool.

Now here is a question to consider, if you’re sitting there and everything is happening right now, what would you like to experience next? Would you choose the happy stuff or the sad stuff first? Or even more important than that, would you choose unconsciously or deliberately? Would you allow a habit, a pattern or something you have no control over to decide what you are going to experience next in life or are you’re going to make this decision deliberately?

Are you going to allow the expectations in your life choose what you’re going to experience or are you going to let go of all the obligations and allow your inspirations to choose your next experience? What has more seniority when it comes to what and how you experience in life? Others expectations of whom you should be or your desire to evolve and grow into the next version of yourself? The answer will come to you soon after this consideration.

Open your eyes.