“Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.”


A Course In Miracles tells us miracles are natural and also that they are everyone’s right. Years ago I took that to heart and started a “Daily Miracle Book” where every day I asked for a miracle.

I had to face a fair amount of contrast at the time and asking for daily miracles brought me out of the energy of resistance and engagement, where I felt overwhelmed and powerless, into a space of joy and amusement, where real power lies. It allowed me not to bring my vibration down to the level of the undesired, so to speak.

I will share a few of those entries here encouraging everyone to start the day with their own requests for miracles.

Dear God,
I ask for a miracle today. A miracle to reveal to me my true nature that is love even though I have chosen to cover it with fear and darkness, which I was deceived to believe would protect me from the vulnerabilities of love. I ask for a miracle so I can see this deception and release it, so from this day forward, I cannot see but love.

Dear God,
I ask for a miracle today. I ask for a miracle to turn my attention away from the happenings of life, to the miracles behind every single one of them.

Dear God,
I ask for a miracle today. I ask for a miracle that will help me trust your will so I can have peace of mind and chose joy instead of fear.

May you have a miraculous day, every day.
So be it, Amen