Learning how to Run Energy has changed my life – and continues to do so – in a way I could never have imagined – and having a great teacher was vital to this process. Kayhan stands out as an expert guide in this discipline, compassionate, funny, and invested in my learning success while offering unyielding support. He engaged with my questions, gave me the “cold cup of coffee” with empathy, and helped me build a habit of practice as he layered each new skill.

One of the many ways working with Kayhan has helped me is in creating Clarity. Through my practice of Running Energy, I can see where I am amid the stimuli around me and make sure that what I am feeling is truly mine and not others’ expectations, past triggers, or future concerns. I’ve learned how to “ground myself,” create and protect “my space,” and identify “my own voice” to truly hear my wants and needs. Once I discovered what my body felt like when I was truly listening to my voice, I was able to quickly identify when I was not acting in accordance with myself and take steps to re-align. For example, I have been able to assess situations to determine if I wish to continue my involvement; I’ve become less reactive and triggered by others; and I can identify when my “self talk” is someone else’s expectations instead of my own voice.

Overall, 1.5 years into this, I am grateful for meeting Kayhan, engaging in this practice, and I am excited to see how I continue to develop.

J. S.


I owe so much of my life to my work with Kayhan. From my career to my circle of friends to my self-confidence, it’s all thanks to the energy tools that Kayhan taught me. Before working with Kayhan I didn’t think I was cut out for this world. I thought I was too sensitive. I was crying all the time and would be deeply upset over things that seemed to go unnoticed by most people. Kayhan taught me that there was nothing wrong with me. I was just super intuitive and didn’t know how to command my intuition. With his help I now feel blessed, not cursed, to have these gifts.

D. P.


Life changing experience
Kayhan introduced me to the healing meditation of the Golden Sun. With amusement, calmness and wisdom he wholeheartedly showed me how to reconnect with myself and clear my energetic field. I learned to see my life from a new perception and perspective, it changed my life sustainably to the better. All I can say is: Thank you for everything.

F. K.


I started meditation with Kayan 16 years ago when I was totally lost and confused in my life. Married for ten years and felt so desperate. Meditation helped to light up the road and turned on the light at the end of the tunnel.
This meditation gave me strength to over come my fears and worries and more importantly know myself and what truly makes me happy.
Ever since , I am a different person, happier, stronger and have a clear vision of who I am and what I want.
Thank you Kayhan

L. N.


I had no idea what to expect upon joining a friend for a meditation course. After one session with Kayhan I was hooked. His extensive knowledge and experience are impressive but his ability to teach truth with humor and no judgment opened the door and forever changed my life! I’m finally able to sustain a routine spiritual practice using many of the tools Kayhan offered. In gratitude.

K. R.


There was my life before meeting Kayhan and my life after and it’s not going too far to say that he changed my life completely. Before working with Kayhan, I had no real connection to spirit or anything beyond the physical world. Kayhan woke me up and started me on a journey that would enrich my life beyond anything I ever could have imagined. 

Kayhan is confident in what he has to teach others, and humble enough to demonstrate he too is a life-long student. His sessions are filled with love, laughter, and wisdom. I always leave my sessions feeling more connected to myself and clearer about my path. He has not only provided insight when I have been the most lost in my life, he has also taught me the tools to be my own light in the darkness.  Using these tools, I have created a life of abundance, love, and great presence. I could not recommend working with Kayhan enough.



Taking meditation classes with Kayhan was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. For years, I had the feeling I should meditate. Unfortunately, I had the misconceived idea that meditating was about emptying my mind from all thoughts. I was setting myself up for failure with a mind going a hundred mile per hour. On the first day of class, Kayhan did more than answering my questions. He showed me how meditating looked and felt like. Kayhan instinctively adapted his lessons to my level which was very helpful to me. Thanks to his skilled guidance, I no longer fear meditation.

When I meditate on my own, I can see a big difference. Something is definitely missing. Kayhan’s beautiful soft voice is very pleasant to listen to and helps you reach the alpha state. In a nutshell, I can promise that the meditation classes will never be dull. A space where discovering new horizons and creating a new wonderful life can actually be fun.



I will forever be grateful to the universe for placing Kayhan in my life. Kayhan has helped me through a couple difficult deaths of my mother & father.
He has guided me through the joys of welcoming new souls into this world & has taught me so much over the years through meditation, readings, healings.
A blessing that is unmeasurable; the constant reminder to ground myself before entering into situations & or conversations.
Through his cds, amazing Artwork, I believe anyone can connect with Kayhan & leave filled with light, love & true blessings.