There is a way to get There from Here. The whole way does not appear at once. But it does somehow appear as you see the need for your next step. As you bring yourself to the threshold of your transformation. It starts by a process of understanding that, There is not there at all, that There is actually Here.

So in order to get There, we start by going in rather than going out. Close your eyes and go to that space between your ears and behind your eyes. Start by being in your physical body.

Recognition is the next step. Say hello to yourself. With your eyes closed, quietly say hello to yourself. Say hello to yourself as you were created, as an idea in God’s mind. Half creator, half experiencer. Half spirit, half body. Half imagination and half realization. Take a brake from your ego’s desire to be your definition. Say hello to yourself and let your source be your definition.

Say hello to your two bodies. The Physical and the Spiritual. Your Spiritual Body, the Creator. Your Physical Body, the Experiencer. Let yourself be the Creator of your Self. Call all your energy to come back to you, from wherever you have left it in the realm of how-and-why. In the realm of competitions. Become the observer and breath. Expand your awareness to include all this, as you sit in the middle of your head as the creator and the observer of your life. Now expand your awareness to include your physical surroundings and the distance between you in the middle of your head and everything else. You Are Here. Open your eyes.