First Thing:

When someone complains about “Their Life”,-more on this in the second thing- to me it’s the same as if someone was complaining about the wallpaper on the lock screen of their smart phone. “I hate my phone” I heard a friend say, “I can’t take it anymore. I need a new phone.”

You might laugh, but it’s exactly the same thing to complain about your life as it is complaining about the image on the lock screen of your smart phone. And the reason they are the same thing is that you can change both of them to whatever you like to see when you pick up your phone.

When we close our eyes and do not go to sleep, we enter a domain where all the settings are, pretty much the same as the “Settings App” on your phone. Meditation is what provides the tools to change them.

Second Thing:

There is no “My Life” or “Your Life”. There is only Life.

If you look at the different light fixtures in your house, or even all your friends houses for that matter, you will notice that they all light up the room differently.

Ask yourself; are they manifesting different electricities of their own or just Electricity?

We are all different and unique light fixtures manifesting our one source. Yes it might appear different thru different individuals, but we are all manifesting “One Life”. Not my life or your life, just Life.

Be Amused.