Here is a game you can play with your sub-conscience mind and your conscience mind. You will have to consider it a game because it must be done with amusement if not your sub-conscience mind will reject it, and then you will get mad at yourself for not being able to do it. So be amused.

The game is called, “What I would like to see, is…”.

And this is how it works. 

1- You are driving in you car and thinking about a subject that is on your mind and your sub-conscience mind ( your main programing ) starts taking your thoughts down a negative path.

2- You catch your sub-conscience mind doing that and be amused at the fact that you did that.

3- You start you thoughts again with this phrase, “What I would like to see is…” , and proceed from there.

Here is another example.

1- You’re having a conversation with a colleague at work and find yourself talking about all the things that you don’t like about your job.

2- Stop. Catch your sub-conscience mind going in that direction. Be amused that you caught yourself.

3- Continue what you were saying with this phrase, “What I would like to see is …”.

Our sub-conscience mind is a super computer capable of computing billions of bits of information/energy per second. This computer gets programed mainly during our childhood and adolescent years and once we bring our awareness to its programming, we will notice that many of them are not in present time with who we are. So by redirecting your thoughts by saying; ”what I would like to see is …“ , you put your conscience mind in charge of the direction of your thoughts. In other words you take it off auto-pilot.

In the motorcycle license handbook, it clearly says that you must keep your eyes on where you want to go. In other words if you keep looking at that telephone pole, you will eventually hit it.

This game will help you re-program your sub-conscience mind to create a reality that is in tune with who you are in present time. This helps you keep your eyes on where you want to go and not hit the telephone pole your sub-conscience mind wants to keep looking at.

So take a deep breath and close your eyes.

Tell yourself quietly; I would like to see myself emanate love.

Give yourself a minute or so to sit in that energy.

Open your eyes.

Be amused and carry on.